Our architectural agency is taking care of drafting plans and looking after the construction work at the new apartment building "Résidence Grand Paradis" in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, while the building permits were drawn up by the agency M'Architecte.

By agreement with the client, the project has been modified to create more comfortable lodgings with more light, and to answer better to expectations of the eventual purchasers. The project drawn up by our architects provides a large basement in which are 54 parking spaces, storage cellars, and several common mechanical rooms. Up above are 3 buildings side by side. The buildings, each with 3 or 4 floors (excluding mezzanine levels), contain 31 dwellings of various sizes.

After having looked at costs and construction time estimates with the client, it was decided to create all of the higher part of the building with wood CLT (X-Lam), with steel reinforcements. The whole structure was assembled in only 8 months.

Currently, the site is still under construction, but the exteriors of all of the buildings are already partly visible: the final project is planned to have a finish of plaster and stone at the ground level and singed wood cladding on the upper levels. The window openings were designed by the architect to take advantage of sunshine exposure, and brighten the interiors. On the south side, where there is a spectacular view of the Mont Blanc mountain range, we are developing large terraces, or balconies on the upper levels, and green spaces at ground level.


Chamonix Mont-Blanc
in corso
1920 m2
Cost of work: