FedArch Cabinet d'Architecture à Chamonix

"Le côté sensitif ne peut être exclu. Bien sûr, on peut dire d'un alpiniste qu'il se prépare comme un autre sportif. Mais pour lui, se préparer, c'est établir aussi une relation avec la montagne, s'en imprégner"

Jean-Christophe Lafaille



FedArch Studio is an architectural firm founded in 2008 in the Chamonix-Mont-Blanc valley by architect Federico Gilardi, Doctor of Architecture, who qualified from the Faculty of Architecture at Milan Polytechnic University in 2003, with a thesis on mountain architecture developed in collaboration with the Mountain Studio of the Architectural School of Grenoble.

Our architectural practice specializes in projects such as individual chalets, apartment complexes, and renovations and interiors of apartments and individual houses.

For us, traditional local architecture is the focal point of innovative and contemporary concepts for our projects.

Since its creation, FedArch Studio has followed the evolution of wood construction, using existing trends while adapting projects to new construction techniques. As well as giving an aesthetic side to our buildings, we focus on the context, the surroundings, and the comfort of the spaces that we create.

Developing a relationship with our clients, and having an understanding of their lifestyles, are fundamental aspects of the way that we work.

Since 2014 our company has integrated the talent of Marta Martin, Doctor of Architecture, who qualified from the Faculty of Architecture at Turin Polytechnic University. She brings a female touch and sensitivity to our architecture projects to best meet the expectations of our clients.

The dynamic spirit of our company, our skills, and the freshness of our ideas, as well as a network of quality businesses, creates a good mix for the success of your project!