This project was planned to provide a complete renovation of the chalet, with improvement of energy efficiency as well as a complete makeover of the interior.

The chalet was composed of 3 floors, and the client asked our architectural agency to separate the two upper floors from the lower half-sunken floor, where we put the technical room and a small studio apartment for guests. The architectural project developed by FedArch Studio had to include certain elements required by our client: an old wood-burning stove, a steam room, and several echoes of South American culture.

On the ground floor, the refit project required demolition of the interior walls in order to create a single large living space with an incredible view of the Mont Blanc mountain range. For practical reasons we decided to keep a large wardrobe, already present in the dining room area, which has become a work of art thanks to a design from local Chamonix artist SOW, giving the room some character.

On the first floor are the private rooms of the house, custom designed to better satisfy the client's needs. Here too, we demolished almost all of the existing interior walls in order to enlarge the space and bring out the existing wood structure. In the middle of the space we placed the steam room and shower unit, which influenced the placement of all the other elements.

Particular attention was made to the interior lighting, in order to enhance the comfort of all the spaces.

Collaboration with ALPIREN (

Chamonix Mont-Blanc
155 m2
Cost of work: 
180.000,00 €