The apartment complex "La Jonction", located in Les Pèlerins, a village close to the town of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, was conceived with the goal of creating very comfortable spaces, while reducing building management and maintenance charges to a minimum. The complex of eight apartments is composed of two buildings with two floors each. The architect team of FedArch Studio, with agreement of the clients, decided to give a modern appearance to the exterior, while keeping several aspects of traditional Haute-Savoie construction. For example, we chose to use traditional simplified wooden cladding, and we used the idea of frames around doors and windows, usually made from granite, but here created with plaster, with different hues depending on the colour of the exterior. The two levels of garages and cellars in the basement were created with reinforced concrete, while the structure of the upper levels is entirely in wood panelling (CLT/X-Lam).

Our architectural agency also took care of the interior design of some of the apartments. The goal of the architect and of the clients was to keep the idea of an apartment, even though the location is in the mountains. Inside, we decided to choose a modern style finish, often found in city apartments, and to incorporate details from the mountain construction style, in traditional wood (roof structure, stairs, etc.), creating contemporary but warm and cosy spaces.



Les Pèlerins – Chamonix Mont-Blanc
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